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  Guests comments  
  We really enjoyed our stay with you and want to thank you for looking after us so well.
Keep well, Best wishes,
From Pat and Tony Lancaster (UK)
  We were so wonderfully welcomed given lots of info about the local area by the owner.
The staff were really skilled in cocktails, massage, cleaning, serving. The restaurant was clean good and cheap the gorgeous chubby chef was a genious!!!! deap fried sea bass her specialty. my son ate 7 times a day. yummy brecky and fresh coffee.
From family O'Malley (Australia)

We had a wonderful time here at this special place.
We enjoyed very much the warm, friendly and relaxed atmosphere.
We did some realy impressive trips by motorbike and kayak.
This is realy the place where the mountains meet the see with all it's positive energy!
Thanks to the owners and the friendly team of Terra Selisa.
From Thomas, Heike and Vanessa (Germany)

  Thanks for the nice time and hospitality rendered.
We enjoyed the magnificent surrounding nature of the nice resort but specially the quiet.
The food was absolutely delicious.
Be sure we will return for another visit.
From Frits and Thea Adriaans (the Netherlands)
  We had a great time at terra Selisa - dolphin beach.
Hope all of you are ok. We miss you a lot.
Now we have summer in Norway, but we will come back to your resort next winter
From family Nesheim and Ingebretsen (Norway)
  Hello Terra Selisa Team, here we are back in France.
Thank you for the nice stay at the resort and your friendly smiles and appreciated service.
From Athenour Family (France)


I'd like to thank you.
I spent a nice time in your resort whith my girlfriend and we enjoyed so much visiting the National Park and swimming.
I'd like also to tell you about your nice staff,
helped us with everything we needed.
Everybody was very friendly and the resort is very nice.
Thank you so much.
I hope I can come back as soon as possible.
From Marco Venatori (Italy)


We came for one night and stayed for three.
- and wish that we could have stayed for more.
A wonderful stay - a family atmosphere in a beautiful setting.
Many thanks to the mangagement and staff.
We will return.......
From Charles and Wanna Harvie (Scotland-Thailand)

  Hatte zwei Wochen lang einen wirklich wunderbaren und erholsamen Urlaub im Ressort Terra Selisa.
Das Personal kümmerte sich mit der thailändischen Freundlichkeit um alle Belange.
Verständigungsprobleme gab es keine, da das Personal teilweise sehr gut Englisch sprach.
Herrlich war auch das Restaurant mit einem bezaubernden Blick auf die offene See (das blaue Meer) und den schönen Sandstrand.
Sogar Delphine konnte ich beobachten.
Eine angenehme Brise ließ einen die Hitze nicht spüren und so war das gute Essen ein Genuß.
Sehr fein war auch der Pool im schönen Garten um sich die benötigte Abkühlung holen zu können.
Ich hatte sehr viel Spaß sowohl mit der Ressortleitung, als auch dem Personal und die Ausflüge waren eineBesonderheit für sich.
Abschließend kann ich nur sagen, werde noch mal dort Urlaub machen an einem Ort in dem sich die Erdedefinitiv im Einklang befindet. Schöner kann Urlaub nicht sein.
Schönen Gruß an das Personal, die Managerin und den Ressortchef
From Udo (Österreich)
  My friends had a wonderful visit to Terra Selisa.
Thank you,
From Dave (Canada)
  We enjoyed our stay at Terra Selisa very much.
We came to stay three nights and didn't leave for a week and then only because it was time to come back to the States.
It is in an ideal location for birdwatching. The park being 4-5 km. to the south, the freshwater marsh 15 km.to the north, and the long beach right there. We added 32 birds to our list just in that area. Common, collared,white-throated, and black-capped kingfishers are beautiful and quite numerous.
In the marsh we saw the purple and the grey heron. Pheasant-tailed Jacana, Bronze-winged Jacana,Black-winged Stilt,and Purple swamphen to name just a few. The Khao Daeng Canal boat trip is very relaxing also. Beautiful mountain vistas, birds among the mangroves, and monkeys in the trees.

From Kay and Khalil (US)
  Once more, we would like to thank you all for the lovely time we spent at Terra Selisa in November.
After we left your place, we had a couple of nice days in Bangkok (a lot of shopping!) before we went back to Sweden.
Right now, we've had some snow and it's quite cold in Sweden,
so we all really want to go back to Terra Selisa - Dolphin Beach!
Best wishes to all of you.
From Family Anders Westberg (Sweden)
  We were overwhelmed by the nature's beauty, the mountains, beach and sea.
Our stay at Terra Selisa was terrific, nice bungalows, perfect cuisine.
Our 20 day visit gave us all the quiet and rest we were looking for.

From Chris (UK)

To the Staff of terra Selisa,
Thank you so much for a wonderful and relaxing few days.
The resort is so special.
And how lucky we were to discover you after visiting Dolphin Beach on a few previous occasions.
Everything about terra Selisa is special - location, food, staff, garden, pool, beach.
We loved the intimacy of the resort.
Congratulations - being part time residents of HuaHin, we will definitely recommend your place to Family and Friends.
From Cherry and Michael (Australia)

  Thank you for your kindness and helpfulness.
We wish the team and management our best wishes for new year and hope to be able to see again you.
From Cath, Clarysse et Vincent (France
  We enjoyed, once again the wonderful surrounding, cosy atmosphere and friendly management.
From Fam Ebbers (Thailand-Germany)

This is a great beach-side facility with great bungalows and a crystal blue pool.
The open-air restaurant has a great view of the ocean.
From Mr. T.H. (US)

  We were able to make a booking and ate dinner at your wonderful restaurant.
We wish you a wonderful year.
From L.Welo (UK
  Absolutely lovely place, peaceful and relaxing. Right on the beach and with a nice swimming pool.
We saw dolphins in the bay. Staff are very friendly.
Will be back soon, love it!
From B.Coombe (UK)

  Our group of five, set of in a 4 wheel drive from Terra Selisa into the national park over winding dirt roads and climbing up and over mountains to get to the Marsh, about a 10 km drive from the Bungalows, we arrived at the marsh and found a very helpful park ranger who arranged a guide and boat to carry the five of us around the marsh.
The boat was fiber glass and had a small engine, the tour around took about four hours and was some of the best scenery I have ever seen, the water was clear and you could see the fish and the bird life was just amazing, birds of every color of the rainbow and one of the most beautiful aspects of the trip was a part of the marsh that was covered in lilies pink and white lilies, hundreds of thousands of them, one of the most naturally beautiful places I have ever seen .
From Willy Defries (The Netherlands)
  Perfect location. Neat bungalows.
Good value for money.
Easy reach of many attractions including caves and waterfalls and the national park, excellent facilities around the area for kids and families.
Nice blue pool.
Breakfast include, good value for money. free wi fi. and easily reached by road.
From P.D.(UK)
  Dear Terra Selisa staff,
I want to thank you all for a wonderful stay in your lovely resort, it was really fantastic. You are the best staff a resort could wish for.
Every day you were very nice to me and made me feel welcome and at home. I had a superb time.
I hope to visit you again in the future.
Best regards,
From Jackie
  Dear Terra Selisa,
Thank you and your staff for a lovely holiday and your wonderful hospitality. We will be in touch soon
From Chris and Lynne (Germany)








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