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  Beach and national park national park and beach  

national park
Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park

The entrance of the park is only 1 km away of our resort.
Its name means 'Three Hundred Mountain Peaks', and has magnificent views of the coastline if you can stand a little climbing.
The national park has an area of 61,300 rai (about 9,808 hectares, 24,520 acres) The geographical and geological make-up of the park is high limestone mountains, a wide prairie near the seashore as well as off-shore islands.

Dramatically scenic, the park includes some of the best selection of shoreline habitat in Thailand.
The park, designated on June 28, 1966, has a wide variety of plant species and is home to many wild animals.
This national park has been used in several movies.

The National Park

close to our resort, there are three caves worth visiting

Do visit the well known Phraya Nakhon Cave, ' the cave with the temple in it '.
This cave is close to our Resort and also known as the cave with the temple in it.
There are a couple of natural ventilation holes in the roof of this immense cave thus allowing sun light to enter.
At the cave is Phra Thinang Khuha Kharuhat, a four-gable roofed pavilion constructed during the reign of King Chulachomklao (King Chulalongkorn, Rama V, reigned 1868-1910) in 1890.
The pavilion ( ' temple' ) is now used as official symbol of Prachuap Khiri Khan Province.
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adventurous caves:
The ' Kaew Cave'
This cave in our Sam Roi Yot National Park, is fairly deep and one needs a flashlight or lantern to go far inside.

The ' Sai Cave'
This cave is also situated in our Sam Roi Yot National Park. After a climb of the hill for 20 to 30 minutes. You will find the cave with its beautiful ' stalagmites ' en ' stalactites '

the largest fresh water marsh in Thailand (Sam Roi Yot)
The World Conversation Union - the largest fresh water marsh in Thailand

Thung Sam Roi Yot, the largest freshwater marsh in Thailand, provides an important environment for a large number of birds, amphibians, reptiles and small mammals. The world conservation Union (IUCN) has recognized these fragile wetlands as a site of global importance.
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the cave with the temple in  it

Sam Roi Yot - the largest fresh water marsh


sea and beach

swimming sea
Just in front of our resort there is a great beach and sea for swimming. Its temperature is allways perfect.

swimming pool resort

Our resort has a nice swimming pool for your everyday exercises.

Hire one of our kayaks for visiting the islands or kayaking along the beach.

beach volley
We have got our own beach volleybal net right on the beach.

You can walk for hours over the beach along the sea, or go for an adventurous trip in the National Park.

Hire a bike for a trip through the National park or just to discover the neighbourhood.

sunbathing at our sandy beach
You can use one of our sunbeds to relax and enjoy the sun.
Our resort is situated directly at a beautiful sandy beach. They call this beach ' dolphin beach ' .


Dolphin Beach

biking in dolphin beach

  the islands

selisa's island or monkey island
At our resort it is possible to book a boat trip or hire a kayak to visit Selisa's island (or Monkey Island).
This island has the shape of a woman and lies just in front of our resort.
Over a hundred monkeys, the crab eating
macaques, live on this deserted island (this explains its nickname: Monkey Island).

the other islands, dragon cliff and virgin breast island
Hire one of our kayaks for visiting the other islands or kayaking around the islands of Dragon Cliff and Virgin Breast island.
You can pay a visit to the Phaya Nakon cave by boat, starting from our resort.

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Selisa's island or monkey island


unique paradise for birds
Sam Roi Yot Nationaal Park is an unique paradise for
300 different species of birds

It is in an ideal location for birdwatching.
The national park, the freshwater marsh 15 km.to the north, and the long beach right here.
Because the park lies at an intersection of the East Asian and Australian fly ways, as many as 300 migratory and resident bird species have been recorded, including common, collared, white-throated, and black-capped Kingfishers, grey Heron, Pheasant-tailed Jacana, Bronze-winged Jacana, Black-winged Stilt, Beeeater, White Egret, Hoopoe, Hornbill and Purple swamphen to name just a few.

  the rare hornbill

cheap and cosy

The nearest town for shopping is Pranburi which is a 15 minute taxi ride.
Here you will find a Tesco Lotus shopping mall and a Makro.

Hua Hin
Is a beautiful and friendly town and a great tourist place, here you can find a lot of shops, shopping malls (Tesco Lotus Market Village), cosy nightmarkets and restaurants.
Hua Hin is a 35 minute taxi drive

A huge and famous city, where you can find anything. Bangkok is only a 2 hours taxi drive. Hidden behind crowded streets with many shops and restaurants, you will find several temples with the most beautiful colours.
Nowhere you will encounter so many contrasts. Because of Bangkok's extended system of canals, named clong's, Bangkok is also known as Venice of the East.
You certainly have to visit the royal palace and the Wat Phra Keo, a large temple complex where you will find the famous and very sacred emerald Buddha

The other beautiful cities
The other beautiful cities nearby are: Cha-am, Phetchaburi and Prachuabkirikhan.


shopping in Huahin

shopping in Huahin and Bangkok


terra Selisa organizes the following trips:

  1. monkey island trip.
  2. khao sam roi yot discovering trip, during this trip you have got the most chance to see the dolphins.
  3. bungboa trip, a trip through the biggest fresh water marsh of Thailand, an unique paradise for 300 different species of birds.
  4. wild elephants jungle tour.
  5. sea kayaking tour 1.
  6. sea kayaking tour 2.
  7. coastline biking trip.
  8. ' where the mountains meet the sea' biking trip.
  9. terra selisa beach walk, 'dolphin beach'.
  10. terra selisa beach walk, 'dragon cliff '.
  11. mountain walk 1, mountain view coastline.
  12. mountain walk 2, cave and empty beach.
  13. kao deng tour.
  14. adventures cave tour K1.
  15. adventures cave tour S2.
  16. Hua hin tour.
  17. underwater world KT, snorkelling near a spectacular coral reef.
  18. the greenlight nightboat.
  19. riding on the back of an elephant
  20. golf tours

trips in Sam Roi Yot

a ride on the back of an elephant


Discover Dolphin Beach and Sam Roi Yot Nationaal Park
discover and experience this unique and beautiful national park, and choose the trip(s) that suits you

discover Sam Roi Yotdiscover the Nationale park

discover the mountainshike to the top

sunrise dolphin beach thailand


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