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A place to breathe

The beautiful long sandy beach will tempt you to go for a stroll along the sea or a relax nap on one of our sunbeds.
The sea is calm and has always a perfect temperature, ideal for swimming.
If you prefer the shade, sit down in our restaurant where you can read a book or dream away enjoying the marvellous views over the sea with its idyllic islands.
Feel the peace, feel the tranquility, feel the balance.

sunbeds on the beach

... calm energy from the sea

the whole day you will get the fresh energy from the sea, if you are sitting or lying on the beach, sitting in our restaurant or in front of your bungalow.

Beach walk at Selisa beach

... positive feelings during a stroll along the beach

the stress and tension will disappear when you walk on the beach, and the good news is, this beach is right in front of our resort.


... fresh air from the national park

breath in the fresh air from the sea as well from the many trees on the beach , in our garden and National Park.

you can spot Pink Dolphins at Selisa beach

... freeing your mind spotting pink dolphins

the locals believe pink dolphins have the highest spiritual frequency and know these dolphins need a safe and peaceful place to live.

Phraya Nakhon Cave

... a hike to the famous Phraya Nakhon Cave

this holy Cave has the Royal Temple in it, which was build in 1890 by 'King Chulalongkorn the great' and has been visited by several Thai kings.

Monkey Selisa beach

... an opportunity to visit monkey island

it could be a scene out off Jungle book, a deserted island where only monkeys live, they eat seafood using tools and play together.


... a walk through 'birds paradise'

just behind the mountains you will find the largest fresh water marsch of Thailand, an unique paradise for 300 different species of birds.

viewpoint on the top of the mountain

... a hike to the top of 'panorama mountain'

a fantastic jungle-hike to the top of the mountain rewards you with a breathtaking view over the national park.

elephant in the jungle

... a safari to observe elephants in the jungle

a drive in a safari-pickup right through the jungle, will bring you to protected areas to spot wild elephants.